Did you ever share something on Facebook or Instagram?

Yeah, silly question right?

I just took a stroll through my FB feed and every other post was a SHARED video, or meme, or
animated gif. Most of them had been shared hundreds or thousands of times before they reached me.

But I’m going to tell you right now… everyone LOVES to share short viral videos and memes, but they are a HASSLE to make.

But YOU, my special reader, do not have to worry about that!

PLR Viral Videos is a brand new product by Shelley Penney and Justin Opay that is packed with value.

In it, there are 100 video posters in MP4 format with PPT AND Camtasia source files! And they are also in JPG Static poster format with PSD source files!

Social Sharing Is Not Going Anywhere!

Toss in a PLR license and you can use them, share them, to drive traffic back to your stuff OR you can jazz up social shares for a customer.

Fun fact: Before Shelley became known as an affiliate marketer, she was managing social media platforms for clients – she made 250-500 dollars a week for 2 hours a day of work, and MOST of that work was creating social posters JUST LIKE THESE!

I think it’s cool that you can charge that as a social media manager, and the hard work is done!
Click here —————– to make more money for less work!

9 times out of 10 when I share an inspirational quote, video or message on my Fan page I get more interaction than when I share a post from my site.  So why not take the work out of it? You can’t beat the introductory price of $17!

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    • Joan Jablonski

      Sounds like a great deal. I always like to create my own memes and really enjoy seeing other people sharing my creation. I am always looking for new graphics to emulate my feelings. Well written blog, informative and easy to understand. Thank you.

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