10 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Free Website Traffic

It is important to get targeted traffic to come to your website is vital because the more people you can get to land on your site the better. The more people that sign up for your email list, the more people you have, the better chances of sales. The more people that sign up for your newsletter means your income will increase in many ways.

  1. Look into Keywords – It is important that you research keywords as often as possible. It can make all the difference how much traffic you will receive, but also if they will stay on-site longer and come back for more information.
  2. Make Your Own Message Board– You can use various systems like DelphiForums.com to start a free message board that you can use to form a community. This will also bring them back to your website.
  3.  Comment on Other’s Message Board-Make sure your bio and signature tell about you, just make sure you are not selling on someone else’s message board.
  4. Starting Your Own Facebook Group– Facebook groups are a great way to start your own community.  Make it open to the public, share all your blog posts to it, plus ask questions, answer questions, and comment on other people’s discussions.
  5. Find Other’s Facebook Groups that are like-minded – Many groups have your ideal audience. Join them and become an essential part of the community. Never promote without asking in someone else’s groups. (and by asking I do not meanwhile post what you are promoting.  Contact the Admin off group via email or direct messenger.)
  6. Start Your Own LinkedIn Group – You can also start a group for free on LinkedIn. If you take time to create a great description, people are more likely to join. Make sure to share content regularly that links back to your website.
  7. Join Someone Else’s LinkedIn Group – Search for LinkedIn groups that are of interest to your target audience. Join one or two at a time. Participate in the groups for a few weeks or months. Leave the groups that don’t suit your needs. But don’t join just to promote yourself and then leave, that leaves a bad taste in other people’s mouths.
  8. Build Your Email List – When you have your readers and website visitors on your email list, you can bring them to your website whenever you have posted.
  9. Use Email Marketing – Use your email to market your website to others by adding the right email signature, plus ask them to share and visit.
  10. Join HARO – This is a great website called Help a Reporter Out, that helps you find and become a source for others, including journalists and the media.  You can use this site to get the information you are looking for, and even for gift guides if that is something you do on your website.

These are just 10 of many different free ways that you can get your website out there.  I hope these ideas help you get your website out there and in front of fresh eyes.

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