Email Marketing Tactics Part 2

Email Marketing Tactics Part 2

As you read in my last post here, I gave you 10 tactics to use with your email marketing. Now I have 10 more to add to the first 10 for a total of 20 email marketing tactics you will find handy.

#11: Do Your Homework and Run Some Tests

Make sure your marketing emails pass the spam filter test. A lot of people have spam filters set up to discard any emails that contain certain keywords. Often, the subscriber’s individual email browser or host creates these filters. Find out what words turn off the email servers and make them go on auto-delete. Also, check your current database and make sure the email addresses you have are good and up to date.

 #12: Make Welcome Back Offers

Make welcome back or come back offers to the people who either have not made a purchase in a while or only make one every so often. These special emails usually offer the customer a special deal for making a purchase because they have not done so in a set amount of time. How long you want to wait until you
make this kind of offer is up to you. In other cases, if someone comes back and gives you their hard earned money, you can always send them a “welcome back” email to entice them to return again.

 #13: Stay as Professional as Possible

While you want your emails to be entertaining and engaging, it’s key to remain as professional as possible. Be sensitive to your demographic. Always spell check and grammar check your emails. Make your emails clear and express to the customer or potential customer the exact purpose of the email without sounding pushy.

 #14: Refer to your Facebook Link Several Times in
an Email

Reiterate your sign up or Facebook links several times throughout the email. Include it at the beginning and the end if possible. Try not to make it obnoxious or overwhelming, but make it easy for people to click and enroll in your email newsletters, sales announcements, or other contacts.

#15: Be Personal

If you can, try to send out some personal emails to clients. Ask how they are doing, and see if there is anything you can possibly do to assist them with their business or personal needs in terms of your own company. Find out what they feel is lacking on your end, and determine just what it is you can do to improve their experience. By getting personal, you gain better insight into your clients’ individual needs and can better adapt everything as you see fit. Once you’ve established an email relationship, it should much easier to get them to sign up for more current, generalized emails.

 #16: Keep Track of Your Current Stats

Use a variety of software to look at different aspects of your emails such as how many click-through emails you are getting, how many people actually go from the email to your site, and then on to make a purchase, and how many people opt in after getting an “introductory” email. By keeping track and stats, you will be able to gauge how successful your marketing campaigns are.

 #17: Customize Your Bulk Emails

Even if you send out several hundred or even several thousand emails to customers every week or month, adding a bit of a custom feel can help people feel more comfortable. Try to use software that will include the person’s name in the emails. For example, if John Doe signs up on your site, when he gets an email it says, “Dear John” or “Dear Mr. Doe,” so it has a more personal feel to it. This type of marketing has shown repeatedly to make a huge difference in the end result sales.

 #18: Use a Table of Contents if Needed

If your message is long, use a table of contents or break the message down into segments. Longer, content ridden emails should be broken down into a newspaper style or even a book style so that the reader can skim through and skip to the sections he or she is most interested in. In cases like this, be sure to
let the reader know the sign-up link is featured at the beginning and end of the email.

 #19: Give Readers Formatting Options

Use the option to include a plain text version versus the HTML version of the emails in case some people prefer it.

 #20: Allow Your Emails to be Read in a Separate Tab

Allow the option of emails that can pop up in a separate window. This way, someone can “save” your email in another window and refer back to it later.

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