Who Am I?

I am Becky Willis from the tourist town of Watkins Glen NY. With my husband, we have 3 grown children (2 sons, and 1 daughter). We also have a wonderful daughter-in-law who is married to our oldest son and 2 beautiful and fun grandchildren (1 girl -age 9 and 1 boy -age 5). We will have been married for 25 years this coming September 2020. In the past 1-1/2 years, we have lived in many places due to losing our house to a house fire (on October 12, 2018). We also lost our last 2 dogs who were sisters and about 11 years old at the time.

I recently sold my website What U Talking Bout Willis? as we needed to have some upfront income in order to finish building our house. (that is a story for another time OR maybe no other time). 🙂

You can follow me on my journey here and also at Sincerely Uplifting. I hope you will join me! If you would like to follow my husband’s website you can here at Life As Rog.

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces of the floor and move on.”– Tupac Shakur